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Regulatory Challenges in the risk assessment of Biocides
Leon van der Wal, JRC-European Commission, IT

Harmonisation of the risk assessment of PPP, REACH and biocides
Paul Mason, Cambridge Environmental Assessments, UK

Protection goals for environmental risk assessment of biocides
Theo Brock, Alterra, NL

The fish embryo toxicity test as a screening method to predict the toxicity of biocidal products
Anja Coors, ECT Eocotoxicology, DE
Effect assessment of biocide mixtures
Tobias Porsbring, JRC-European Commission, IT

A mesocosm study of Irgarol (as an example of a higher tier study for a biocide)
Silvia Mohr, Fed Env Agency, DE
Mechanistic effect modelling for ecological risk assessment of biocides
Thomas G. Preuss, RWTH Aachen University, DE
Past, current and future issues regarding the environmental exposure assessment of biocides
Virginia Rodriguez Unamuno, JRC-European Commission, IT
Update of the Emission scenario Document for wood preservatives
Heike Schimmelpfennig, SCC, DE
Fate of chemicals in the sewage treatment plant (STP)
Antonio Franco, Unilever, UK

Anticoagulant rodenticides, relating field measurements to protection goals
Richard Shore, CEH, UK

Regulatory point of view
Erik van de Plassche, ECHA, FI
An Industry view on the progress towards achieving the objectives of the BPD and prospects for the new Regulation
Andy Adams, Bayer, DE
Loss rates of urban biocides can exceed those of agricultural pesticides
Alfredo Alder, EAWAG, CH