About the symposium

The Environmental Risk Assessment of Biocides: Regulatory challenges and scientific solutions

Biocidal products are used in almost all households and industries, and are intended to deal with various pests and nuisances.

Besides the many different types of applications, biocidal products have a wide array of possible target organisms, ranging from insecticides to wood preservatives and from anti-fouling paints to rodenticides. Due to this variety of uses, target organisms and application types, the environmental risk assessment of biocides is a complex task requiring interdisciplinary approaches.

To provide guidance on the exposure assessment of biocides, independent emission scenarios have been developed for the different product types as identified in the Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC (BPD) However, the experience gained during the review programme of biocides under the BPD has already led to updating of several emission scenario documents as well as the release of additional guidance documents.

Furthermore, scientific progress and regulatory demands have led to new insights in effect assessment and data requirements, of which the assessment of mixture toxicity and cumulative exposure assessment are two examples.

With the implementation of the new Biocidal Product Regulation, which will enter into force in 2013, regulatory requirements have been updated and amended in order to increase the protection of health and the environment while at the same time being more efficient through the active involvement of the European CHemicals Agency (ECHA). This regulation involves changes being made to the registration process of biocides and biocidal products, which include among others; data requirements and sharing of data, exclusion criteria and comparative assessment for problematic substances.

These regulatory issues require an adaptation to the registration process for biocidal substances and biocidal products, from industry and risk assessors, alike.

The symposium is intended to provide updates on environmental exposure and effect assessment of biocides and to provide information on the regulatory changes due to the upcoming Biocidal Product Regulation, and is aimed at representatives from industry, the scientific community, consultants and regulatory bodies.